Cuts of Lamb

Cuts of Lamb

The Traditional Cuts

Here are the traditional cuts of lamb. Please ask our butchers for more advice on cooking tips and different cuts of meat, we are always happy to answer any questions…

  1. » Shoulder

    This cut is perfect for stewing and braising, and extra special when it is slow roasted.

  2. » Rack

    We cut the rack into chops for frying, grilling or barbecuing, or leave them joined together for roasting. This is known as a ‘rack of lamb’.

  3. » Loin

    We cut the loin into individual chops or for grilling or barbecuing.

  4. » Chump

    We cut the chump into chops for grilling or frying, or leave it whole for roasting.

  5. » Leg

    We leave the leg whole for roasting or take it off the bone and butterfly for barbecuing.

  6. » Breast

    We cut the breast off the bone and roll it with our home made stuffing to make a roasting joint.

One of our favourite lamb recipes

Millins Slow Roast Lamb

Take some lamb neck fillet, dice into large chunks and slow roast sealed in foil (leave plenty of room inside your foil parcel!) with some chopped garlic and the juice and zest of 2 or 3 lemons for around 3 hours at a low temperature. Great with a Greek salad, some mint yoghurt and flat bread…