Cuts of Beef

Cuts of Beef

The Traditional Cuts

Here are the traditional cuts of beef. Please ask our butchers for more advice on cooking tips and different cuts of meat, we are always happy to answer any questions…

  1. » Shoulder

    We bone this cut and dice it for stewing or make it into mince.

  2. » Rib

    We cut the ribs into individual steaks or leave them joined together to make a roasting joint. The centre of the rib is known as the ‘rib-eye’.

  3. » Sirloin

    We take the sirloin off the bone and cut it into ‘sirloin steaks’ or leave it whole for roasting.

  4. » Rump

    We cut the rump into ‘rump steaks’ or thinly slice it for stir fry dishes.

  5. » Fillet

    We cut the fillet into ‘fillet steaks’ or leave it whole for roasting or using in en croute recipes.

  6. » Topside

    We take this cut off the bone and roll it into a roasting joint.

  7. » Shin

    This cut is ideal for long slow cooking in things like casseroles and stews.

  8. » Brisket

    This cut is at its best when boiled, braised or very slowly roasted.

One of our favourite beef recipes

Millins Beef Burgers

Mix some coarse beef mince with finely chopped onion, some crushed garlic, some chilli powder, chopped coriander, parsley, basil, and some salt & pepper.  Shape your burgers and throw them on the barbeque for a quick and delicious weekend supper…